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memoirsicontest's Journal

Memoirs of a Geisha Icontest
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Welcome to memoirsicontest, an icontest [focusing] on the novel by Arthur Golden and the film directed by Rob Marshall.

Disclaimer: The novel, Memoirs of a Geisha, was written by Arthur Golden based on the life of Mineko Iwasaki. The film was directed by Rob Marshall, starring the main actor/actresses Zhang Ziyi, Michelle Yeoh, Gong Li, Ken Watanabe, Youki Kodoh, Suzukah Ohgo. We don’t claim any the aforementioned works, as they belong to the respective owners. We’re only here to have fun!

- You must be a member of the community to submit icons or vote
- Only one icon per challenge, unless specified otherwise. Initially, moderator’s may allow up to two submissions until participation increases.
- All icons must be “fresh” for the challenge. You cannot recycle old icons from previous challenges or posts. This means that entries can be no older than seven days.
- No fanart. However, images from the official book are allowed.
- Icons must meet the Livejournal requirements of 100 by 100, 40KB or less.
- Icons must be uploaded to your own server space, such as Photobucket or ImageShack. Livejournal userpics will not be accepted. Paid users may also use their livejournal hosting as long as it is kept private.
- Do not troll or wank. Do not advertise your icons, or ask your friends to vote for you. That's not fair, okay? Do not throw a hissy fit when your icon doesn't win. Be a good sport, and *hint* enter the next challenge to try again. Or Akaii will BEAT YOU WITH A PAN. >] (kidding!)
- Do not create any more e-drama than we already have to deal with. Please respect your mods and fellow members. Extend the same courtesies to them as you’d expect to have extended to you.
- When there is a lyrical challenge, you must use at least THREE consecutive lyrics (IN A ROW). Do not use one word, and then start plugging nonsense underneath it in illegible text!
- You can find the Suggestions Post here. Please do not be afraid to suggest anything!

- Please submit using the following format:


- Submit your OWN work.
- Only one icon per challenge, unless specified by a mod.
- Please do not post your work anywhere else until after the challenge is over.
- Comment in the Current theme post that will be screened, so only a mod and the original poster will be able to see it.
- Once again, your icons must be uploaded to your own server space, such as Photobucket or ImageShack. Livejournal userpics will not be accepted. Paid users may also use their livejournal hosting as long as it is kept private.
- Submit your icons before 6:00pm PST (9:00pm EST) on Wednesday

- Please submit your vote before 6:00pm PST (9:00pm EST) on Friday.
- Vote for your top two icons in the following fashion: #, # or in any easily understandable way. If there are enough icons, we’ll include a mod’s choice or a special category.
- You may not vote for your own icon, nor advertise your icon and ask your friends to vote for you. IP address logging is on, and we'll be able to tell. Please do not cheat, it'll only end in you being banned.

Submitting: Wednesday 6:30pm PST - Wednesday 6:00pm PST
Voting: Wednesday 6:30pm PST - Friday 6:00pm PST
Winner Announced: Friday 6:30pm PST
New theme announced: Wednesday 6:30pm PST

(AKA "Disqualifications")
Let's hope we never have to put anything here.

- Moddess: everbliss
AIM: mysticalmoon15
E-mail: broken_glass_shards@yahoo.com
Status: Active

- Moddess: akaii_hana
AIM: akaii hana
E-mail: akaii_hana@livejournal.com
Status: Active

- Moddess: calen383
AIM: Calen383
E-mail: mystique182@lycos.com
Status: Active

- Moddess:infamouspink
E-mail: infamouspink@gmail.com
Status: Active

For all questions concerning this community via email, please include "memoirsicontest query" in your subject line. Something similar if contacting over AIM would also be helpful.

If you are interested in being a banner maker, please apply here with an example banner you’ve made. We’d love to have you on board!

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The bannermaker Rotation Schedule can also be found at this post.

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