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Hi everyone. I regret to inform anyone that unfortunately, that this icontest community will be going on hiatus for now. Because of the stress and workload this year, it's been difficult to keep up with running icontests.

This hiatus is not for forever, just for the time being, with Week 25 being the last challenge before the hiatus. Even though the community has been slow for the past few challenges, hopefully when we come back, we'll be back with a bigger punch and enthusiasm :)

So please, just bear with this until we come back and hopefully we'll still be able to see you around. Much thanks to everyone who helped make this a success. Thank you members, for being around and making the effort in participating. More thanks to the other mods, for all your help and support in everything.

In the meantime, please feel free to plug us out as much as you want ;D

Note to the winners in this post, please let me know somehow (for example, as a comment to either this or that post) if you want me to make your banner or if you requested a banner over at cb_overflow :)
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